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Fashion Model


Esmeralda Greene

New York City, New York


Take a look below to find an outline of my educational background, which includes the institutions I’ve attended, degrees and qualifications I’ve received, as well as my academic achievements along the way.


No matter the role or project, I’m confident in the skill set I bring to the table. Take a look below to learn more about my specific abilities, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Work Experience

As a professional in my field, I’ve had the opportunity to hold a variety of roles in many different companies throughout the years. Take a look below to learn more about my background and experience.

Special Events

Have a look at my projects below to get an idea of what I’ve worked on, how I implement my skills, and my approach from concept to execution. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about a specific project.

For more information about my work experience, please get in touch.

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