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The first of its kind, BeautiRecruiter LLC! The ultimate platform for developing a dynamic electronic portfolio in the beauty industry.


We understand the beauty industry, from cosmetologists shaping, coloring, and styling hair to makeup artists beating faces and applying luscious lashes on the faces of the world's runways to estheticians microblading to glowing skin. We understand the intricacies of client needs and how beauty works. Our one-of-a-kind ePortfolio combines our custom eComposite, a photo gallery, and cutting-edge technology to create a professional showcase of your entire creative process.


Your brand is validated by BeautiRecruiter! We highlight your professionalism, credentials, education, and skill in a modern and creative way. You write your professional story and select the photographs, and BeautiRecruiter creates a polished ePortfolio that you can add to your social media platforms, land new industry opportunities, and propel you to levels you never imagined. BeautiRecruiter recognizes that you are the brand, and that brand is everything.


It is as simple as that: brand awareness, you create the brand! Clients desire talent and skill, but not at the expense of professionalism, verifiable credentials, and education. Clients want a memorable experience. What keeps them coming back is the experience. Social media platforms gain popularity, while a polished professional ePortfolio gains credibility. You gain followers, industry opportunities, and career advancement by working together.

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